Welcome to fencing in Vermont! If you are new to the sport, or are moving here from out of state, and you would like to get involved in the fabulous sport of fencing, go to the “Links” page of this website to find contact information for Vermont fencing clubs.

Green Mountain Division (GMD) clubs host fencing tournaments each month, from September to May at locations throughout Vermont. These tournaments are open to to all fencers, be they from Vermont or elsewhere. Participants in the Green Mountain Division tournaments may compete throughout the fencing season to win the right to have their name permanently inscribed on the cherished Champlain Cup. If a fencer is very determined, he or she can win the the right to take custody of the Champlain Cup Leader’s Sword (a beautiful replica rapier) for the entirety of the following season. For the Champlain Cup league rules and information, check out the “Point Standings” page.

Here are a few other things you should know about competing at Green Mountain Division tournaments:

You can always ASK your new friend FRED! The Green Mt Division uses www.AskFRED.net (the Fencing Results and Events Database) for tournament preregistration, posting of tournament results, and tallying of Champlain Cup point standings. AskFRED is a powerful tool. At AskFRED.net, you can sign up for a tournament (and save $10 off your entry fees if done at least a 5 days in advance), see who else has signed up for the tournament, contact the tournament organizers, and get directions to the venue. We strive to provide tournament schedules, meet manager contact details, and tournament results on this website on our Tournament Schedule page, but information updates may lag behind AskFRED due to the painful-but-true limitations of our all-too-human volunteer webstaff.

AskFRED can help you find upcoming GMD tournaments! AskFRED.net can provide you with a list of all the scheduled GMD tournaments, and there are at least three ways to get that list:

    • From the Home page. There’s a quick link in the sidebar on the home page under the title “Where’s my next GMD tournament?” Click the link and you’ll go directly to a list of GMD tournaments on AskFRED.net.
    • From AskFRED.net. To find upcoming GMD tournaments using AskFRED.net, point your browser to www.askfred.net. On the menu bar along the top of the page, hover over “Upcoming Tournaments” and then click on “Browse Events” in the revealed drop-down menu. When the dialog box opens, click on the downward arrow to the right of “All Divisions” and select “Green Mountain” from the revealed drop-down menu. Then, click on the “Find Tournaments” button, and AskFRED will provide you with a list of upcoming tournaments sponsored by Green Mountain Division fencing clubs.

After FRED gives you this initial listing, you can click directly on the name of an event to open a new page that will allow you to “Preregister,” see “Who’s Coming,” “Email the Organizer” or or find a Google Map to the tournament location. You can also access each of these functions directly from the initial listing page by clicking on the four icons to the right of each tournament date. The first time you use AskFRED to preregister for a tournament, you will need to enter your name and information about yourself (contact details, ratings, club and division). After your name is in the AskFRED database, you will be able to select your name from drop-down menus.

Fencing in Vermont is reasonably priced! Entry fees for GMD tournaments are $20 for the first event/$10 each additional event, with a $5 discount if preregistered at least 5 days in advance. Canadian cash accepted for entry fees at par!

GMD has fencing tournaments for every age! GMD clubs offer tournament fencing for a variety of age categories:

  • GMD Youth Series Y12 events are for fencers born 2006 and later.
  • Per USFA Rules, to participate in official qualifier tournaments, “Y14” fencers must have been born between 2004-2007, “Cadet” fencers must have been born between 2002-2005, and “Junior” fencers must have been born between 1999-2005.
  • Per USFA rules, only fencers born in 2005 or earlier are eligible to compete in non-age group events (Opens, D, E, U, Div II, Div III etc.)
  • With the exception of qualifiers, our events are mixed (men and women) unless otherwise noted, but may be split if there are 15+ competitors of each gender. Smaller events may sometimes be split by consensus of the fencers.


  • USFA membership (or Canadian equivalent) required unless otherwise noted. If you do not have your card with you, be prepared to register with the USFA at the tournament.
  • Posted event times are close of registration. Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the posted time.
  • Free hospitality in the homes of local fencers is often offered to competitors traveling from afar and their immediate families. Alternatively, we would be happy to provide you with listings of local hotels and B&Bs. Contact the meet manager at least one week in advance to make arrangements.

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