GMD Tournament Reports

To determine  the GMD share of tournament proceeds a meet manager has three options  for performing the necessary calculations .  They can:
  1. Download the official excel spreadsheet from this page and fill in all the applicable fields.
  2. Download the official pdf form from this web page and manually complete the calculations.
  3. Fill in the online form below.
In all cases a completed copy of a tournament report must be submitted to the GMD treasurer, with proceeds.
For the online report you can do a save with protect on the GMD web site instead of printing a paper copy of the form.

Note that in the case of a financial loss the GMD executive committee should be contacted in advance to determine if the default 50/50 share of costs will be applied.

  This page is Java enhanced, Java must be enabled to use the online form.
Are the data fields in the above form chopped up(truncated)?
This can happen with some older web browsers, a larger version of this form is available at this link . Be aware that the larger form does not print well.

Questions?/Comments?/Need clubrep password for Save operation?
Please E-MAILthe GMD Treasurer

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If you have Java Web Start installed on your computer you can run the GMD Tournament Report Application directly on your computer.
Just Click Here $$  or Here $$  to launch the application under Java Web Start.
The application runs faster and allows you to save the report on your computer as well as the GMD web site, but you will need to accept the certificate at the security prompt or allow the local file system access in case of the second version.

If you don't have Java Web Start installed you can download it from the Java Sun web site: