Champlain Cup Point Standings!

AskFRED links to current point standings for the 2013-2014 Champlain Cup are now available at Point Standings. Go there to see where you or your friends stand. As of this writing, the point standings reflect results from yesterday’s October Open and Youth Tournament.

In Epee, Dan Crockett currently holds a commanding lead with 39 total points. Ian Wheeler holds second place, with 26 points, and Jeffrey Kellish is in 3rd place, nipping at Ian’s heels with 25 points. And look! Charging up the hill behind them are David Horak (23 pts.), Jared Garland (23 pts.), Jarett Poliner (22 pts.), and Jack Brisson (22 pts.). It’s early days, folks.

In Foil, Jake Nop currently holds 1st place with 31 points. Jack Brisson is breathing down Jake’s neck, holding 2d place with 25 points. But what’s that? David Parker, with only one tournament under his belt, holds 3rd place, with 17 points, and there’s a horde of 5 other contenders holding 16 or 15 points just behind David, including Herbert Adams (16 pts.), Ray Schuppe (15 pts.), Bin Huang (15 pts.), Viveka Fox (15 pts.), and Ian Wheeler (15 pts.). Stay lively, Jake!

In Saber, there’s precious little clarity. Zachary King holds 1st place, with 12 points earned over 2 tournaments, but six saberists, with only one tournament each, are vying for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places, which are virtually tied. David Parker holds 2d place, with 7 points, and just behind him are David Harris (6 pts.), John Novotny (6 pts.), Thomas Hobbs (5 pts.) Peter Briccetti (5 pts.), and  Carlisle D’Souza (5 pts.). Good luck sorting that out!